The year 2020 may be in the record books, but concerns about the COVID pandemic are still prevalent.

If you’re a Vodec consumer who has stopped attending day services, there’s another option. Welcome to Virtual Day Services Online, which consumers can attend Monday through Friday from the comfort of their own homes. These services are similar to the day services offered at Vodec’s three development centers. They are available via Zoom, a virtual platform you can access from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

“It’s a great way for our consumers who are stuck at home to stay connected with their friends until they return to day services at our development centers,” said Vodec CEO Steve Hodapp.

This online programming is interactive and designed to enhance the social-emotional well being of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. “If you qualify for day services, you may also qualify for Virtual Day Services Online – it’s that easy,” said Vodec Services Development Director Daryn Richardson.

Each month, participants receive a calendar listing the dates, times and topics of the virtual services, along with a Zoom login code. They then “tune in” to whatever sessions they want to attend. Vodec staff members are present online instead of in person.

Richardson said Vodec has hired metro area educational consultant Stephanie Goodrich to help develop quality online programming that’s engaging, entertaining and instructional. Examples include art-based activities, exercise sessions and even science experiments!

For consumers and families or guardians not familiar with Zoom, free training is available. If your consumer doesn’t have access to a computer, help in obtaining one is available. “We view our Virtual Day Services Online as another tool to help our consumers reach their full potential, no matter their location,” Richardson said.

All those who sign up for Virtual Day Services Online by Feb. 8 will receive a free gift. Registration is being conducted by region:

  • If you’re in Western Iowa, sign up with Services Operations Director Mark Stromer at 712.328.2638 or
  • If you’re in Central Iowa, sign up with Services Operations Director Sheila Stoneburner at 515.777.2114 or
  • If you’re in Nebraska, sign up with Services Operations Director Micky Jackson at 402.455.4648 or



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