The demand for Vodec services is creating the need to expand its team in Atlantic, Iowa. Vodec is seeking a supported employment assistant, someone to supervise, train and coach adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities at local job sites.

“Vodec’s presence here has brought stability to many consumers working in the community,” said Jolene Sonntag, Vodec’s services supervisor for Cass County, Iowa.

The full-time supported employment assistant will help consumers with understanding job expectations, performing jobs successfully and integrating into the employment setting. They also will provide job skills training and on-the-job support. If you’re interested in the position, you can apply via or email

If you’re located in Iowa’s Cass County and are interested in receiving services from Vodec, contact Western Iowa Services Operations Director Mark Stromer at If you are a business located in Cass County and are interested in employing a Vodec consumer, contact Sonntag at

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