Vodec’s O’Tyja Crayton helps two of her nutrition students plant vegetables from seed at the Omaha Development Center.

Editor’s Note: The Nutrition Station at Vodec’s Omaha Development Center is part of its new approach to day services – a series of learning stations consumers can participate in based upon their individual interests. The first station, launched earlier this spring, focuses on health and fitness.

If you’re an adult between the ages of 19 and 50, you should be eating between 2-1/2 and 3 cups of vegetables per day, depending on your age and activity level, according to the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines.

During the month of April, a group of Vodec consumers got the scoop on veggies by signing up for sessions offered through the Vodec Omaha Development Center’s new Nutrition Station. The 45-minute sessions, taught twice a week by O’Tyja Crayton, introduced consumers to different vegetable varieties, how to grow them, prepare them and incorporate them into their diets through a variety of recipes.

Crayton, a coordinator in the Cares Program at Vodec’s Omaha Development Center, used interactive games, coloring activities, taste tests and hands-on demonstrations to make the subject matter fun as well as instructional.

During the “Like | Don’t Like” game, consumers were asked to name veggies they ate and those they avoided. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and green beans were popular, while asparagus, collard greens, mushrooms and snow peas ended up in the “don’t like” column.

The consumers also got to vote on which veggies to plant outside on the Vodec property and what meal they wanted to prepare to celebrate the conclusion of the month-long series of sessions (veggie pizza). They also got to take turns watering and caring for their Vodec crop.

The Nutrition Station will focus on a new topic each month. To find out how your consumer can participate in future sessions, contact Vodec Day Services Manager Beth Joslin at bjoslin@vodec.org.


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