It’s been almost a full year since COVID-19 began changing the way people live their lives, and many of those changes remain in place today. One of the most difficult is staying home and avoiding unnecessary contact with the public.

In an effort to help consumers combat the social isolation they may be feeling when they are unable to attend Vodec day services, Vodec has added another tool to its roster of virtual programming: Virtual Vodec After Hours. Here’s how it works:

  • Virtual Vodec After Hours (VVAH) is a series of courses consumers can take during the evening and on weekends.
  • The courses are available on Zoom, a virtual platform you can access from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Each course is taught by a Vodec staff member or community partner experienced in providing services to adults with disabilities.
  • Each course comes with a limited-edition supply box to enhance participation.
  • The fee is $25 per month. This $25 monthly VVAH membership fee allows consumers to attend any or all course sessions.

In March, the VVAH course offerings are Movie Mondays (5 weekly sessions), Drawing Basics (4 weekly sessions on Tuesdays), Sports & Nutrition (4 weekly sessions on Wednesdays), Community Influencers (4 weekly sessions on Saturdays) and Musical Instruments (4 weekly sessions on Sundays).

The Sports & Nutrition Course, held on Wednesday nights, is designed to help consumers learn how to eat well and stay active. It also includes some fun health and fitness challenges.

The Community Influencers course, held on Saturday afternoons, focuses on a different topic each month. To celebrate March as Women’s History Month, the March sessions will help consumers learn about famous women who’ve made a difference locally and worldwide.

All courses offered in Virtual Vodec After Hours are developed around the interests of Vodec consumers. Some courses will be offered more than once, and others may be one-time offerings.

The monthly $25 VVAH membership fee also includes admission to one Virtual Vodec Social Event each month. Past Virtual Vodec social events included Superheroes Unite! in January and Vodec’s 2021 Virtual Valentine’s Dance in February. The March 2021 Virtual Vodec Social Event, Disney Villains vs. Sweethearts, will be held Saturday, March 27, from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

Registration for the March 2021 courses is open now through Feb. 25. You can register online at or in person at the front desk of Vodec’s development centers in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Urbandale. The $25 fee can be paid via cash or check at the development center in your area. The payment deadline is March 1. You may pick up your supply box March 1.

Registration for the April 2021 VVAH courses will open March 15. Register early to secure your spot.

For more information about participating in Virtual Vodec After Hours, contact Vodec Services Operations Director Daryn Richardson at or the Vodec Services Operations Director in your area (see for contact information).

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