You may not know what a “service provider” is, or what we do.
So when the entire community’s non-profit organizations ask for money at the same time, ours may not be the first need that comes to mind.
We want to be included in your donation mix this year, so we’d like to tell you about us.

About one in five babies born this year will have a permanent impairment or disability.
And there is a global network of federal, state and private organizations constantly working to identify and fix the problems people with disabilities (and their families) encounter.

Once a disability has been diagnosed, Human Services professionals in medical and educational fields spend most of a person’s childhood forming a comprehensive picture of the long-term needs or accommodations they will require. These are called “Services.”

Once the student graduates high school, a community-based company like Vodec steps in to make sure these services are available.

These organizations are called “Service Providers.” In Vodec’s case, we are a non-profit corporation that serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We make a promise to our clients that we will help them reach the full potential of their choices and abilities. We work around the clock, every day, to keep that promise.

We supplement high school special education with transition coursework and training in everyday life skills.

We provide group homes and manage host homes for people who cannot live independently.
We provide check-in services for those who can. Several times each week we pop in to help out wherever we’re needed.
We help balance check books, and manage finances. We cook, we clean, and we chauffeur. .

We teach and reinforce job skills to help make the transition to community employment possible.
We coax, cajole and convince companies to create internships and carve existing jobs into tasks that can accommodate special needs.
We wipe noses and change diapers. We spoon feed if it helps.
We help write resumes, and pick out interview suits. We’ll stand right next to a new employee and coach her until she knows the job inside and out.


We provide Day Habilitation services for people whose disabilities prevent them from performing steady work.
We play catch, and watch movies.
We take field trips and share life experiences.
We sing loud karaoke, dance to the rhythm, and help our clients communicate their thoughts and feelings using art, music and motion.

We build relationships that can last a lifetime.


We’ve been at it since 1968, and a few of our friends have been with us since the very beginning.

Today, the entire community will be focused on giving. There are thousands of organizations with worthy missions that change lives.

As you decide who and what your Omaha Gives contribution will support, we ask you to consider us.

We’re Vodec.
“We provide services to people with disabilities…”

# # #