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Career Opportunities


We have job opportunities available in the following categories:

Residential Services

This career path is for applicants who have a gift for assisting people with the tasks of everyday living. If you have the skills and attitude to help another person with cooking, cleaning, budgeting managing medication or hygiene and other daily living tasks, a position on this team will let you put them to good use.

At every level, our Residential team spends their days in direct contact with consumers who live in apartments, group homes or with their families. Each of our consumers has a disability, but wants to be as independent as possible. We are committed to helping them achieve that goal.

The work environment is casual, but what we do has a huge impact on the lives of people we serve. In this field, you’ll stay on-the-go. Residential staff accompany consumers to appointments, recreational activities and community events that interest them.

We hire applicants who are committed to reflecting our core values of professionalism, dignity, and care when it comes to the success of the people we serve. We have built an incredible team of passionate, competent people who are excited about the opportunities to serve each new day. If that describes you, we’ll take care of the training. Your dream job may be waiting at Vodec!

Day Habilitation Services

We live in communities that are full of exciting things to see and do. Vodec is committed to making sure each person we serve has a chance to explore them. A career with our Day Habilitation team would involve daily, face-to-face interaction with people who have a wide range of developmental and physical disabilities.

The ability to effectively communicate with people who may not be adept at communicating their thoughts or feelings is an asset. With that said, ask one of our team members, and they’ll tell you that those challenges are outnumbered by countless moments of joy that come from helping someone learn a new skill or have an exciting new experience. At every level, this team helps consumers gain knowledge and confidence in interpersonal relationships, daily living, nutrition, health and safety and, of course, access to community resources.

When we hire applicants for Day Habilitation, we look for mature, confident and compassionate people. We value problem solvers and potential employees who are calm in moments of crisis. If you’ve got what it takes to help plan and pull off a rich and rewarding Day Habilitation experience for a group of our consumers, we would love to hear from you!

Pre-Vocational Services

How would you like to help a person with disabilities learn a new skill they need to get a job or a promotion? If that idea tickles your fancy, you might be the sort of team member our Pre-Vocational Services group needs.

Having a disability can be a serious hurdle to entering the traditional work force. It’s a sad fact, especially since many of the people who face this struggle have a lot of productivity to offer.

Vodec operates an employment training environment as a first step toward community employment. It is an accommodating work space where our teams coach consumers through light assembly and packaging tasks for local businesses.

As a team member, you’ll reinforce basic concepts of counting, sorting and assembly in a relaxed workplace designed to build confidence and competence.

This type of work environment provides consumers with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth and the chance to earn a paycheck. As their skills improve, you’ll help identify the kinds of community jobs that best fit their talents and interests. If you have the people skills and patience it takes to help a person with disabilities learn new skills, consider joining our team!

Community Employment

Do you have the advocacy gene? Don’t bother researching it, we made it up. There are tens of thousands of businesses in our communities, and many have never considered how hiring a person with a disability would impact their operations. We like to think that mindset lasts until they interact with one of our team members who has the advocacy gene.

Every day, our Community Employment teams hit the streets as advocates for people with disabilities. They hunt for local companies willing to look past silly stereotypes, they conduct vocational training to sharpen workplace skills, they develop internships and work opportunities that match the skills and interests of our consumers and they coach new workers until those employees are comfortable and capable in their new jobs.

When one of our consumers has the skills and desire to transition into the traditional work force, we pull out all the stops to make it happen. Our list of success stories is growing every day. We’re excited about the potential that comes from keeping that trend going. Think you can help? If you’ve got the advocacy gene, along with a little passion and a lot of heart, we would love to meet you. We want you on our team!