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Pre-Vocational Services


Do you need a paying job, but still need help developing the skills for community employment? We can help.

We believe that every person who wants to join the community workforce should have the opportunity. Our Pre-Vocational Services are stepping stones to joining the traditional work force. Our training model teaches and reinforces work habits and routines you will need for success in any industry. How? We partner with local businesses to perform basic elements of their production work, then bring their materials to our highly structured and accommodating Work Centers. There, our Pre-Vocational Services staff will show you how to complete those jobs and coach you in how to apply the skills you learn to other types of work. We will pay you fair and legal wages until you are ready to make your transition to a more traditional environment.

Parents and Guardians

Individuals interested in meaningful work for reasonable pay may select from settings designed to accommodate various levels of employ-ability. Our services assist individuals with disabilities in job training skills including, but not limited to: following directions, counting for order fulfillment, step-by-step procedures for assembly and much more. We also provide social skills and workplace etiquette skills training.

Every morning, several hundred consumers come to our Work Centers for pre-vocational training. Staff members assign them work, then spend the day helping them learn and improve basic assembly, packaging, sorting, and counting skills. This work isn’t a simulation. These are real tasks contracted with local companies, and our consumers are paid fair and legal wages for the work they do. As each consumer’s skills improve, we commit to helping those who choose community employment make the transition. We help develop internships, provide job coaching, and help businesses identify jobs that match the skill levels of the people we serve.

Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act
We understand how important employment training is to our consumers, parents, and guardians, so we want to take this opportunity to explain what is happening with the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act and what you can expect from us going forward. Please download a letter from our CEO, Steve Hodapp, that details new requirements.