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Day Habilitation


What did you do today? Our communities are full of exciting things to learn and try.

We understand trying new things can be a hassle when you have to jump through hoops for accommodations. Our Day Habilitation Services are a solution. We are committed to making as many of those experiences available to you as possible. Every week our Day Habilitation teams plan and supervise a full schedule of inside and outside activities. At Vodec, there’s always something new to experience, whether it’s exploring a park or public attraction, watching a movie or making a new furry friend, and all in a setting that encourages new friendships and social interaction.

Day Habilitation consumers also practice daily living skills like cooking, cleaning, budgeting and self-advocacy. Want to do something different tomorrow? Get started by contacting us today!

Parents and Guardians

Our Day Habilitation Services provide stimulating activities and community exploration opportunities for adults whose disabilities limit or prevent their ability to work. Vodec offers a variety of habilitation services to accommodate a wide range of disabilities.

Our non-employment day habilitation programs are designed to give consumers a full community integration experience. A typical day might include on-site physical activities, life skills training, shopping excursions, visits to community attractions, volunteer opportunities, walks in the park and more. We provide this in two models: CARES and ELM.

Our CARES program is about exploration. The CARES staff plans and supervises a robust schedule of events and activities. Each is designed to provide experiences that expose participants to as much of the community as possible. The goal is to help them make choices that will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our ELM program is designed to provide stimulating, progressive activities for adults with multiple disabilities. The staff provides constant care and support during the day at our Omaha Development Center.