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Community Employment


Do you need a little help finding or preparing for a community job? Our Community Employment team can get you there!

Every day we conduct job skills training, hunt for local companies who understand the value of hiring people with disabilities and coach new workers until they are confident and capable in their new positions. If you know you could be successful in a community job, and you’re ready to give it a try, contact us today. We stand by the people who choose us until they can stand on their own in the workplace. We’ve successfully trained and placed hundreds of people in satisfying and stable community jobs over the years. Are you ready to be next?

Parents and Guardians

Our Community Employment Services provide employment training, job placement and on-the-job coaching at a variety of levels, allowing our consumers to choose and pursue work options that maximize their potential and accommodate their capabilities and job desires.

Community Employment Services are for individuals ready to start a career in the community with the assistance of a Vodec job coach. Our coaches use a variety of tools designed to match individuals with employers. Our goal is to help each individual find and keep suitable community employment.