ConsumersWhat Are My Options?

What Are My Options?

At Vodec, you have the power to choose

We intimately understand the needs of consumers and their families. Vodec was created by parents of people with disabilities who wanted the best options for their family members, and over the years, we have had many new families join our program. All of them were once where you are now. Because of those founding families, we are confident we can help.

Our Services

Five Categories

Our range of services fall into five main categories: Community Employment, Day Habilitation, Residential, Pre-Vocational and Transition. Together, they create a system that allows our consumers to maximize their access to and participation in the community, in spite of their disability. We pride ourselves on having many options available to our consumers. To understand your unique needs, we always start by having a conversation. We learn what you hope to get out of a relationship with us, and in the end, we collaboratively develop a service plan that fits your lifestyle now and also helps you transition to where you’d like to be.