Their path to adulthood begins with you

If you are an educator wanting to help bridge the gap between high school graduation and adulthood for your students with disabilities, contact Daryn Richardson today. He would be more than happy to come to your school and talk to both teachers and parents about all Vodec has to offer.

We are the only private non-profit of our kind created by people like you: educators, parents and concerned citizens. We are still governed by similar individuals to this day, ensuring that we stay true to our mission and provide the best services to our loved ones so that they may realize their full potential.

Vodec can help develop skills that will lead to fantastic employment outcomes. We have many programs designed for educators and students to help students with disabilities find and keep a job and learn daily living skills, including financial literacy and self-advocacy.

Adult Transition Program or ATP

Our Adult Transition Program, or ATP, is a comprehensive program for transition-aged students. This program is designed to help students implement a plan for adult life. From daily living skills to employment training, students learn though community-based experiences.

SEAC program

Our SEAC program, for students wanting a job after school or during the summer, puts classroom theory into practice. The SEAC program is unique, as it is the only program of its kind to have an employment specialist working side-by-side with a teacher every day in the classroom. The teacher helps students learn and develop skills, such as application completion, resume writing and how to handle an interview. Then, the employment specialist works with the students to leverage those skills into finding a job. The employment specialist also provides on-the-job training and acts as a liaison between the teacher and potential employers.

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