You can help us reverse the stigma and create a shared community of equality.

Every voice counts

Vodec cares for those individuals who have become invisible in our community. Our consumers are easily overlooked, as the voices that advocate for them are few and far between, and often get drowned out in the cacophony of need. Vodec chooses to do what is right for those we serve. If we do not have a program that meets a need, we do everything possible to build a program to meet that need. We are reactive. We do not build a program and expect people to fit into it. We do the opposite. Once we know the person, we build the program for them.

Our extras make the difference

Since we bill Medicaid for many of our services, some people don’t understand why we still need community support. The fact is, Medicaid does not cover all the extras that Vodec does to go above and beyond to make sure our consumers are living complete lives.