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Why Vodec?

To put it simply, we provide business solutions.

If you’re a business owner or decision maker, think about this… Every morning, several hundred people show up at our work centers for Pre-Vocational training. Our staff members assign them work, then spend the day helping them learn and improve basic assembly, packaging, sorting and counting skills. This work isn’t a simulation; these are real tasks contracted with local companies.

Additionally, we pay our Pre-Vocational consumers fair and legal wages for their work, while mentoring and preparing them for community jobs that can sustain them and become careers. These tasks from local businesses like yours help consumers on their journey to community employment.

Accurate & On Time

Specific to your needs, we transport materials and finished products between our locations and yours, and we guarantee our work for accuracy and contractual deadlines. We encourage you to take a tour of our work floor. You’ll find a dedicated group of hard-working, responsible, motivated people who are excited about the chance to work and earn money. We also encourage you to ask around. Vodec’s reputation for getting work done on time and to specifications is well established.

From pick-up to delivery, Vodec is equipped for a professional, prompt, and efficient completion of the business tasks we take on. Our staff checks and double-checks the details. We guarantee that your work will be done right and on-time. If you’ve never seen how productive a room full of well-coached Vodec workers can be, let us tell you, you need that level of support in your operation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of Jobs can you do?

Our Pre-Vocational consumers have a wide range of job skills and levels of ability. While there are many areas of opportunity we have yet to uncover, we know, based on decades of experience, that we can easily customize the following types of jobs to our environment:

  • Rework
  • Labeling
  • Collating
  • Prefabrication
  • Light assembly
  • Packaging & Fulfillment (Including heat sealing and “Pick-and-pack”)

What Industries do you Serve?

The bulk of our experience is in four industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Printing
  • Packaging
  • Electrical Contracting

Don’t see your industry on the list? We would LOVE to change that!

Are you like a temp agency?

No – Unlike a temp agency, we do the vast majority of our work in house. By employing our work centers to complete your tasks, you will have the benefits of:

  • A set price per piece for completed work;
  • 3 work centers with over 200 people who are eager to work;
  • Pickup of raw materials and delivery of your completed product;
  • Employment Training Assistants who work with our consumers to get work done efficiently;
  • and Production Specialists who quality check the completed product, making sure it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Can you bring people to me?

Yes – If you are interested in having us do a job on-site, please contact our Business Development Director at 712-328-2638 for more details.

Can you get me a quote?

Because we pay our consumers a piece-rate, before we can get you a quote, we’ll need to conduct a time study. To get this process started, contact our Business Development Director today at 712-328-2638 or sales<at>vodec<dot>org

Can I hire someone with a disability?

Yes! For more information contact Vodec and ask to be directed to anyone on our Community Employment team.